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Quite simply, Skype is the best ways to communicate since the invention of the telephone!


Because it's Free!

Whoever said you don't get anything for free was wrong!

Everyone with a Computer should have and can benefit from Skype.

You don't even need a computer as a Skype phones are now available.

There are 400 million people to-date who have Skype with up to 350,000 downloading it daily.

Make free Voice & Video calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world from your pc or skype phone.

You can save tons of money on phone bills per year.

Additional Skype Features...

You can buy a personal landline number with the same area coded as your home town.
(e.g. 020 for London or 0113 for Leeds) for as little as £20 a year.
Certainly beats paying over £10 a month (£120 a year) line rental to phone companies before you even make a call.

No need to worry If your computer is switched off, you can redirect your calls to another landline or mobile phone.

Even if your friends, colleagues, clients or whoever don't have Skype you can still benefit.

To get the best from Skype you can take out a subcription (yearly = more discount)
From as little as £46 for a whole year, you can make unlimited calls to landlines anywhere in Europe.
If you only call within the UK it's even cheaper for a unlimited yearly subsciption and calls to mobile phones are super cheap.

We have yet to come across another phone company who can offer calls to mobiles or calls abroad as cheap as Skype do!

Here at CIPS Ltd we saved a bundle on calls using Skype's facilities.
Here is a example of what can be saved using the Skype services.

We purchased a European subscription at a cost of £46 & a private local number for £20.
All Skype to Skype calls are free forever!

 Product / Service  Skype Other phone company 
 European subscription (1yr)  £46  £0
 Own local number  £20  £0
 Monthly / Yearly line rental  £0  £11 / £132
 Incoming Calls  £0  £0
 Outgoing Calls (UK & Europe)  £0  £75 / £900
 Total yearly costs  £66  £1,032
European subscription = Free calls to all European landlines